Rescuing Kaye – Ellie Masters

Rescuing Kaye – Ellie Masters

Book Rescuing Kaye – Ellie Masters is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Rescuing Kaye – Ellie Masters
Writer(s): Ellie Masters
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Rescuing Kaye – Ellie Masters

Kaye’s dream of attending Veterinary School at UC Davis turns into a nightmare when her abusive ex-lover, and former professor, refuses to let her go. His violent and dangerous behavior escalates despite their breakup, leaving her in dire need of help.

When she meets Zeb, a fiercely protective Guardian on Bravo team, she never expects to be swept off her feet by the charming Guardian. Their connection is instant—electric—igniting a fiery passion she never experienced before. Though she’s not ready for a new relationship, Zeb’s protective instincts trigger when her stalker’s behavior worsens.

He must act quickly to keep Kaye safe and moves her and her roommates to Guardian Headquarters for protection, but even the impenetrable walls of HQ cannot stop the stalker from getting his hands on Kaye.