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Romancing the Wrong Sister – Lucy Langton (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Romancing the Wrong Sister – Lucy Langton

Book Romancing the Wrong Sister – Lucy Langton is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Romancing the Wrong Sister – Lucy Langton
Writer(s): Lucy Langton
Format: pdf epub
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About Romancing the Wrong Sister – Lucy Langton

After a less than successful first season on the marriage mart, Ada Halifax is looking forward to unwinding from the rituals of the ton and seeks respite in the peaceful county of Northumberland. However, her plans for relaxation are quickly derailed when she meets the enigmatic and captivating Lord Henry. Despite his scandalous past, Ada can not resist the burning passion he ignites within her. Will she succumb to his seduction, even if it means risking her reputation and future?

A young debutant looking for passionate love. A shunned bachelor looking for anything but. A dance that changes everything…

Henry Mitford, a shunned bachelor tormented by a scandal, seeks refuge in a secluded northern town to escape the disapproving glares of the ton. In a bid to evade further scrutiny, he assumes a new identity, but his plan is derailed when he meets the scandalous Ada Halifax. Despite his best efforts to avoid temptation, he finds himself entangled into a dangerous game of seduction, forcing him to confront the ghosts of his past before they can destroy his chance at happiness with Ada.