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Screechers – Charly J.M

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Novel: Screechers – Charly J.M
Writer(s): Charly J.M
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Screechers – Charly J.M

With her father being in the SAS and her mother being one of the top surgeons around, Nichola ‘Nicky’ Foster is stuck at home with her older brother Zeke.
Though she loves him with all her heart she can’t help but feel left behind by her parents, becoming a bit of a brat.
Having turned eighteen, she’s decided to make a change, but it seems life is about to take a rough turn when a virus sweeps the nation. A zombie virus is turning people into flesh-eating, screeching monsters.
Are her family alive? What about her brother’s best friends who she’s had crushes on for years? She never meant to find love in the apocalypse and
especially not more than one person!