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Sinful Obsession – J.A. Owenby

Book Sinful Obsession – J.A. Owenby is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Sinful Obsession – J.A. Owenby
Writer(s): J.A. Owenby
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Sinful Obsession – J.A. Owenby

He’s stalking me.
Someone has been in my home, left messages on my wall.
I’ve had dreams that a stranger in a mask touches me while I’m sleeping,
forcing my body to bend to his wicked ways.
But I want more. Crave more.
He has the key to release me from my prison.
Can I trust him, or will he be the end of me instead?

I’m playing a dangerous game. Stalking her. Breaking into her house while she’s asleep.
Brie Langston left me for dead.
Years later, I see her face at Whitmore U.
Now, I’m the leader of a secret society,
And the star quarterback with a future in the NFL.
I’m king and it feels good … and she could take it all away.