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Stefano DeLuca – M’Renee Allen

Book Stefano DeLuca – M’Renee Allen is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Stefano DeLuca – M’Renee Allen
Writer(s): M’Renee Allen
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Stefano DeLuca – M’Renee Allen

They call him the Silent Beast.
His name strikes fear in the hearts of his enemies, and they shudder at the thought of him. He’s a ruthless savage who’s earned the right to be called a DeLuca. Like the rest of his family, he fears no one. That is until a 5’6 assassin with tantalizing curves and a mean right hook crashes into his life, awakening a part of him he thought long dead, his heart.

She brings with her a list of enemies almost as long as his own. Like him, she’s at ease in the shadows and thrives in the darkness. Together they make up one beautiful disaster. The silent beast and his beautiful assassin will make their enemies regret coming after them. And along the way, they’ll experience a love neither of them dreamed possible.

Find out what happens when one dark soul falls in love with another dark soul when you read, Stefano DeLuca.