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Sweet Addiction – Kelly Kelsey

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Novel: Sweet Addiction – Kelly Kelsey
Writer(s): Kelly Kelsey
Format: pdf epub
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About Sweet Addiction – Kelly Kelsey

Being the star quarterback of the NFL, I had it all. Women, money and a life most could only dream of. I thought I was invincible. Then I made a mistake, then another and it all came crashing down. I was suspended from the NFL and forced into a relationship and job I didn’t want. But then i met her—my fiancee’s sweet innocent daughter. She stirs something inside of me that I never knew existed. I know I should stay away. I know it’s reckless to want to touch her, to want to make her mine. But I am Knox McCabe and living life on the edge is what I do best.
So why change now?
Being Madison Devereux, people think I have it all. Popular. Rich. Beautiful. What more could I want, right? Wrong. All I want is to be able to follow my dreams but doing that means hurting my mother. Then suddenly she gets engaged to NFL bad boy Knox McCabe. He is mysterious, gorgeous and the new coach at my school. What starts out as a game of lust and desire soon turns into something neither of us can stop. It’s reckless, wrong but it feels so right. I should walk away. Stop the madness. But Knox has other plans, ones that include me. Everything I have ever wanted is within reach, will I risk it all for a man that belongs to the one person I never want to hurt?