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The Commander’s Fate – B.A. Stretke (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

The Commander’s Fate – B.A. Stretke

Book The Commander’s Fate – B.A. Stretke is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: The Commander’s Fate – B.A. Stretke
Writer(s): B.A. Stretke
Format: pdf epub
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About The Commander’s Fate – B.A. Stretke

Deacon Haas has been a field agent for the DuCane coven for many years. He made a name for himself defending DuCane interests far and away from the forests of Mt. Pleasant. Back home he is a Commander for Louis DuCane’s guards and is keeping his eye on the prize, climbing to the top of the Coven he loves and keeping the borders defended. His biggest problem right now is the Northern border which has been breached on two separate occasions. Security is foremost on Deacon’s mind, not finding his beloved. When the Northern Border is breached again he gives orders for the person caught to be made an example of.

Gage Montague was just looking for the perfect photo. Living with his stepfather above the Zen bar isn’t a glamorous life, but if he can get his photography dreams off the ground then maybe he can be something. He knows he shouldn’t be trespassing in the woods surrounding the DuCane compound, but what harm could getting a photo be? He’s been caught twice and they only warned him off, all he needs to do is get in and get out without drawing attention.