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The Interview – Donna Alam

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Novel: The Interview – Donna Alam
Writer(s): Donna Alam
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About The Interview – Donna Alam

When I turn up on Whit’s doorstep, résumé in hand,
I’m expecting an informal interview, not a honey-dripped seduction,
But that doesn’t mean I won’t grab it with both hands…

My older brother’s best friend doesn’t recognize me.
To him, I’m still the kid he sends a gift card to every Christmas.
He doesn’t want to hear I spend them on fancy lingerie,
Or that I dress up and fantasize about him.
He’s determined not to employ me.
But I’m not just looking for a job but also an experience.
The kind that only he can give.
I want our days to be full of secrets and our nights to be full of sin,
For six whole blissful months.
After that, everything will change.
I only hope that when the truth comes out, he can forgive me.