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The Man I Know - Daisy Jane

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Novel: The Man I Know – Daisy Jane
Writer(s): Daisy Jane
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About The Man I Know – Daisy Jane

I walked in on my husband and heard three words no wife wants to hear.
“Let me explain.”
Only… it’s not what you think. Or… what anyone would think.
What I caught him doing…
What he wants…
I’m scared.
But a little fear is healthy, right?
The Man I Know is a married couple standalone. You won’t find a third act break-up, babies in the epilogue or a ton of angst. Instead, this story centers around a happily married couple (with children) who discover, after years of marriage, that one of them needs more. Low-angst and high steam, the plot centers around deepening an already healthy relationship.