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The Unassuming Curator – Sian Ann Bessey (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

The Unassuming Curator – Sian Ann Bessey

Book The Unassuming Curator – Sian Ann Bessey is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: The Unassuming Curator – Sian Ann Bessey
Writer(s): Sian Ann Bessey
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About The Unassuming Curator – Sian Ann Bessey

Emily Norton loves nothing more than losing herself within the pages of a good book. But the solitary pastime is poor preparation for participating in the dreaded London Season. Her trepidation over formally entering Society is all-encompassing, until she stumbles upon an enigmatic gentleman digging up flowers in a hedgerow. Before she can learn his name or the reason for his unusual activity, however, she is whisked into a carriage bound for London.

Henry Buckland has a secret: he cannot discern the difference between certain colors. It’s a particularly difficult disability for the curator of natural history at the British Museum, but no more challenging than his repeated attempts to outmaneuver the machinations of the town’s most notorious matchmaker. At his parents’ dinner party, he receives assistance in outwitting the persistent busy-body from a surprising source: the intriguing young lady he met on the country lane. As Emily and Henry become formally acquainted, they discover a shared love of science and nature that makes them ideally suited. However, Henry is not alone in his admiration for the young woman. As the competition to woo Emily escalates, so, too, do tensions at the museum. When an unexpected danger threatens Henry’s livelihood—and life—it appears he may not have the chance to win Emily’s heart after all.