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True Luna The Unknown Magic

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Novel: True Luna The Unknown Magic
Writer(s): Tessa Lilly
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About True Luna The Unknown Magic

Sophia is an 18-year-old she-wolf who is hiding a big secret. She is a daughter of the White Wolf, but she didn’t just inherit her mother’s light magic. There is darkness inside of her, and she’s been hiding it since she was a little girl. Emma and Logan spent years trying to find a way to get rid of the darkness inside their daughter, but they couldn’t find the answers they were looking for. Sophia has been taught to use light magic only. She’s found a way to deal with the darkness inside her. Everything changes after Sophia meets her mate. Her mate is the Alpha of The Blood Moon Pack, but being bonded to him isn’t as easy as Sophia hoped it would be. Her Mate is Alpha Nathan’s son, the same man who tried to take Sophia’s mum away from her dad. What will happen when the mistakes made in the past get in the way of their mate bond? What will happen when someone from the past decides to use Sophia and her magic as a weapon for revenge?