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Vengeful King – Sophie Winters

Book Vengeful King – Sophie Winters is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Vengeful King – Sophie Winters
Writer(s): Sophie Winters
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Vengeful King – Sophie Winters

My new boss. My darkest fantasy. And the man I’m supposed to kill.
With my mother’s medical bills piling up and no other way to pay for her care, I did a stupid thing. I borrowed money from a ruthless criminal whose name I don’t even know.
When he comes looking for repayment and discovers that I don’t have what I owe him, he offers me a bargain. He’ll clear my debt if I do him a favor.
I have to kill a man named Lachlan O’Reilly.
The only problem is, Lachlan won’t be an easy mark. He’s a king of ice, ruling his mafia syndicate from atop a throne of blood.
Cold. Merciless. Brutal.
I should be afraid of him… and yet, as I infiltrate his strip club to try to get close to him, I can’t help the way his dominating presence makes my heart beat faster.