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Watering Stone – Viola Grace

Book Watering Stone – Viola Grace is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Watering Stone – Viola Grace
Writer(s): Viola Grace
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Watering Stone – Viola Grace

Bumping into her ex-boyfriend ten years later was unexpected, but having their attraction flare and include two other alphas was shocking, even without the dragons.
Eliana was travelling to become her friend’s nanny. The journey on the private plane was long, but the presence of a familiar face made it an eternity.
Ten years earlier, her then-boyfriend had marked her and left town. It had been a shocking turn of events. He had told her he loved her, then morphed into a dragon and pressed fire onto her back. Efforts by friends had stilled the fire in her and left the mark hollow, and now… here he was with two friends, and they were all staring at her.
Life as a nanny was short. Keahi, Nalu, and Mano all began courting her, and her new boss decided that she could start later or not at all.
Dealing with a decade-long hurt was difficult. Dealing with two dragons and a giant shark was easy in comparison. Can the fairy tale restart with a deep dive into the ocean, or will it sink before it swims?