What a Rake Requires – Merry Farmer

What a Rake Requires – Merry Farmer

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Novel: What a Rake Requires – Merry Farmer
Writer(s): Merry Farmer
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About What a Rake Requires – Merry Farmer

After being ejected from White’s club three years ago, Cecil Mackworth, Viscount Thurleigh, has devoted his life to helping men like him who are in trouble. It’s the closest he has been able to come to regaining a place in the society he misses so much. But when he ends up paired with solicitor Austin Haythorne to carry out the most important of their deceased mentor George’s will, Cecil falls head over heels in love. But his new lover has secrets….

Austin Haythorne has worked hard against class expectations to make an independent life for himself as a solicitor. But with George’s passing, he is left with his business on the verge of collapse. Now, with the mystery of what exactly George wants him and Cecil to do hanging over them and Austin’s secret life at a club called Perdition revealed, the very man Austin is falling in love with could spell his ruin.