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WTF – Cambria Hebert

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Novel: WTF – Cambria Hebert
Writer(s): Cambria Hebert
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About WTF – Cambria Hebert

I don’t do commitment. And though I swing both ways, I don’t do men either.
It’s too messy, too stressful, and just asking for trouble.
I’d rather shine bright like the sun than drown in the rain, so I adopt a pounce-and-bounce lifestyle for which my sparkling charm keeps me from being hated.
When I show up in Sweden for a semester abroad, I expect a roomie. What I don’t expect is Lars. The storm to my sun. The test of my patience. How easy he makes it to forget all my reasons for staying away from guys.
No big deal. I’ll just pivot from pounce and bounce to roomies with benefits. I’ll get to indulge in that side of me, then leave it half a world away. What happens in Sweden stays in Sweden… until he follows me home.
Lars shows up at Westbrook looking like my little brother’s new swim bro. Just as alluring as he did before.