Xurek – Ava Ross & Alana Khan

Xurek – Ava Ross & Alana Khan

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Novel: Xurek – Ava Ross & Alana Khan
Writer(s): Alana Khan, Ava Ross
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Xurek – Ava Ross & Alana Khan

It’s the intergalactic cruise of a lifetime, a chance to meet aliens and travel to exotic locales.
On a lazy river excursion, I’m stuck sharing a float with Xurek, a cocky orc commander in the interstellar military. Leave it to him to insist on taking an axe on an inflatable float.
The more anxious I become, the calmer he gets, which only irritates me more. I should ignore him, but I can’t. He’s too hot for his own good.
It’s his fault when we capsize. I swear. When we miss our shuttle back to the ship, we’re stranded on this forsaken planet. Our only hope lies in a village on the opposite side of a dangerous jungle. Finally, his axe comes in handy—which he mentions at every opportunity.
If I seek shelter—and a bit more—in his arms during the night, who can blame me? What we’re doing will end once we escape this planet.
Xurek is a standalone monster romance set in the Monster on Board world written by USA TODAY bestselling authors Alana Khan and Ava Ross. Expect steamy hijinks, humor, and a guaranteed happily ever after.