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Bells – K.G. Reuss

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Novel: Bells – K.G. Reuss
Writer(s): K.G. Reuss
Format: pdf epub
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About Bells – K.G. Reuss

Before I found a love I was willing to die for, I had to survive one I had to kill for.

Chapel Crest wasn’t a place of solace. It was made for suffering.
I would know.
I’d been locked inside ever since my mother tossed me away like I didn’t matter.
In my suffering though, I found her.
The girl who made me believe I mattered.
The girl I gave everything to.
The girl I loved.
The girl I would do anything for, even kill for.
Or just plain kill.
Because you don’t betray a watcher and live to tell about it.

This is the prequel to Chapel Crest and tells the tale of Sin and Isabella through multiple POVs before Sirena. This is a dark tale of greed, deception, and all things that hurt. Please read the foreword.