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BONE - Mary Kennedy

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Novel: BONE – Mary Kennedy
Writer(s): Mary Kennedy
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About BONE – Mary Kennedy

Tyran Eagle O’Neal, better known as Bone, is finally home with family and friends. Excited to begin his new life with RP, he’s also a bit excited when he meets the new dentist. Londyn Vacarro is smoking hot, sexy, smart, and definitely hiding something. She might think she has the others fooled, but Bone is calling B.S. Just when he thinks he has her convinced to tell him the truth, she’s attacked and left for dead. Thanks to Parker, she’s alive, but for how long?

Londyn Vacarro has never wanted anything except to be a dentist. Leaving her gang-leader father in Houston was the smartest decision she’d ever made. Interviewing at RP was the second smartest thing. Except there’s one man that won’t seem to let sleeping dogs lie. His persistence and insistence on her telling him everything is annoying. And dangerous. Finally making up her mind to tell him her story, she just has to tie up some loose ends. Unfortunately, those loose ends are out to kill her.