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Brought to Light – Eliot Grayson

Book Brought to Light – Eliot Grayson is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Brought to Light – Eliot Grayson
Writer(s): Eliot Grayson
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Brought to Light – Eliot Grayson

Callum always gets the job done—whether he likes it or not—but this job isn’t like any other. The target’s too young and pretty for comfort, and the clients are offering more threats than cash. And either the target poisoned his hot chocolate or he’s going crazy, because magic trees are suddenly a thing. It’s really not his day.

Linden’s on the run, and the human realm’s a good place to hide from evil sorcerers who think he’s the answer to a prophecy. But his enemy has found a way to send a very human and very dangerous assassin after him—a man who could kill Linden with one hand. He should be terrified, but his knees go weak for all the wrong reasons.

When Linden’s family is taken hostage, Callum ought to be the last thing on his mind, but Linden can’t resist the chance to fulfill his deepest fantasies before sacrificing his own life. Callum knows he should walk away—it’s not his fight. But the beautiful fae is under his skin and now protecting Linden and his family feels more important than his own survival.

A human learning to feel. A fae learning to trust. Can two worlds merge into one true love?

This re-release of Brought to Light has a new cover and has been partially rewritten, but the characters and the ending are the same. This book contains explicit scenes, a magic flashlight, a prophecy that doesn’t quite work out the way anyone expects, and a guaranteed HEA.