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Captivated- Jessica Rooker

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Novel: Captivated- Jessica Rooker
Writer(s): Jessica Rooker
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Captivated- Jessica Rooker

Quinton Starks is the president and founder of Starks Industries located in Jacksonville, Florida. He’s a vain, self-absorbed, philandering playboy whose life is work, partying, and one-night stands. He treats women as sexual objects rather than equals. That is, until Quinton finds himself completely enthralled with someone other than himself. From the moment their eyes lock, he is hooked … a changed man … he has to have her! Only there’s one small problem—she’s married!

Amelia Johansson is the sweet and humble innkeeper of Amelia’s Bed and Breakfast in Florida. She’s married to architect Eric Johansson. From the outside, Eric’s the doting husband whose love language is giving gifts. But not everything is as it seems.

Once Quinton realizes Amelia isn’t unattainable, he executes a plan to ensure their paths will cross again. Fate steps in and gives Quinton the opportunity he needs to make Amelia his. He decides to sweep her away on a platonic trip with his gang in tow. After the trip turns steamy, Amelia realizes she cannot return to her normal life. Quinton’s full service, fast-pace, and fun-loving lifestyle brings Amelia back to life—both mentally and physically. In rediscovering herself, she sees the real Quinton Starks.