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Come Fly With Me – Felicity Snow

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Novel: Come Fly With Me – Felicity Snow
Writer(s): Felicity Snow
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Come Fly With Me – Felicity Snow


Did you ever think life would turn out differently when you were younger? That you would end up spending it with the person who was your whole world when you were a teenager? Call me naive but that’s what I thought. Cooper was my best friend, my boyfriend, my everything, until he wasn’t. Until he ended things after three fucking years together. And even though I can’t stand him after the way he treated me I somehow have gotten myself roped into having him pretend to be my boyfriend. What’s worse? I’m paying him for it. Oh, God, this is humiliating, but I’m so desperate. And it’s only for one night. Right?


I haven’t seen or heard from Wesley in nine years, and then out of nowhere he’s meeting up with me and telling me he wants me to pretend to be his boyfriend so that his mom will stop trying to set him up with random dudes. It’s all a little strange, but honestly so very Wesley. And I can’t say no. Not only do I need the money to help pay for my mom’s medical bills, but despite the fact that we broke up, I’ve never stopped caring for him. I’d give anything to have the opportunity to rectify what happened between us, to have a second chance with him. He just wants me to pretend, to put on a show for his parents. He doesn’t know that nothing has ever been more real for me.

Come Fly With Me is a contemporary mm romance and contains explicit sexual content. It is not for anyone under the age of 18.

This book contains senstive content that may be troubling for some readers. Please see the content warnings on the inside of the book before proceeding or view content warnings on the authors website or goodreads