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Daddy Wolf - Victoria Sue & Jena Wade

Book Daddy Wolf – Victoria Sue & Jena Wade is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Daddy Wolf – Victoria Sue & Jena Wade
Writer(s): Jena Wade, Victoria Sue
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Daddy Wolf – Victoria Sue & Jena Wade

The one thing that I hated about the celebrity bodyguard thing was pop-princesses that would never do as they were told.
Alpha-wolf and estranged from my pack, I knew after being responsible for my mother’s death, home would only ever be a theoretical concept, no matter how many years passed.

I’d survived being abandoned, the foster system, and finally found a place my adoring fans couldn’t get enough of my music. Everything should have finally been perfect, except for the bodyguard my manager gave me. His brash orders and demands should have made me run in the opposite direction, but only succeeded in making me wish the Daddy name I gave him as a joke could turn into something real as I curled up on his lap.

Kohen finally realizes that the threats to Trevor’s life aren’t just some crazed stalker fan, that his manager touts for publicity. Knowing that he wants nothing more than to hear Trevor call him Daddy for real, he runs to the only place he knows he can keep his mate and their unborn pup completely safe.