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Danger Loves the Dawn – Marie Harte

Book Danger Loves the Dawn – Marie Harte is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Danger Loves the Dawn – Marie Harte
Writer(s): Marie Harte
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Danger Loves the Dawn – Marie Harte

Three steamy romantic suspense stories with a fourth bonus short story all centered around H&R Securities and the pleasure resort, Satyr’s Myst from NYT and USA Today bestseller Marie Harte.
Includes Tied and True, Reaper’s Reward, Satyr’s Myst, and Willa’s Wish.

InTied and True, in her pursuit for a little revenge on the new guy talking badly about her at work, Lindsay finds more than she bargains for when tying up Jared Hunt.
Reaper’s Reward finds Ethan Reaper on an undercover assignment at the pleasure resort Satyr’s Myst, a sexual fantasy paradise where anything goes. But in order to save his client, he has to take a resort girl to keep his cover, and they face danger when confronting the truth about everyone on the island…
In Satyr’s Myst, resort owner Rick Hastings finds love for everyone but himself. Until danger tosses him not one, but two perfect partners. Now if he can just convince Lila and Trevor they’re exactly where they need to be…without dying.
In bonus storyWilla’s Wish, Tyrone is taking over for his boss, Rick, at the Satyr’s Myst resort while Rick goes on vacation. Willa thinks it’s the perfect opportunity to show Tyrone exactly what he’s been missing by giving him all the pleasure he can stand, and then some.