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Dear Mr. Dad Bod – Nichole Rose

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Novel: Dear Mr. Dad Bod – Nichole Rose
Writer(s): Nichole Rose
Format: pdf epub
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Dear Mr. Dad Bod: Where do I apply to be your baby girl?

Madden Banks
Things I never thought I’d do:
Become social media’s resident sexpert, Mr. Dad Bod.
Post thirst traps.
Fall head over heels for a girl half my age.
But here I am, anyway.
The whole world tunes in to ask me burning questions about their kinks and see my dad bod in all its glory.
So it shouldn’t be any surprise when they’re front and center the day the curvy dancer of my dreams appears.
Olive Crosby has my heart trying to beat out of my chest…and I’ve never even met her in person.
That’s about to change.
This daddy is claiming his little princess, and I don’t care who is watching.

Olive Crosby
Being social media’s resident curvy dancer can be exhausting.
Everyone knows my name, but no one knows me.
Until the night I slip into Mr. Dad Bod’s live to ask him the question I’ve been dying to ask.
Now, everyone knows my secret.
And they know just who I want to fulfill my naughty fantasy.
But I didn’t anticipate the whole world tuning in to watch it unfold.
Nor did I expect to fall for the mysterious Madden Banks.
He’s everything I expected and so much more.
Can we really make this work, or was asking for a daddy a little too much real for the world to handle?