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Djinn – Jan McDonald

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Novel: Djinn – Jan McDonald
Writer(s): Jan McDonald
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Djinn – Jan McDonald

Mike Travis is in trouble; the kind that gets you killed.

Not only is he up against a hoard of demons that have piggy-backed a ride from a wounded soldier returning from Afghanistan, but he is also the target for the evil Djinni.

When Mike died in Megiddo in his efforts to prevent the Demon Ark from birthing onto the Earth, his best friend and partner in crime, Jack Carter, made a decision to save him; a decision that would have deadly consequences and would change their lives forever.

Jack sanctioned a demon, Bazaliel the Shadow Demon, to possess his friend, on the agreement that the demon would keep Mike alive and heal him, body and soul. But Jack had forgotten Lovecraft’s Rules.

Rule #1 Demons Lie
Rule #2 Demons Lie
Rule #3 Demons Lie
Rule #4 If you think they aren’t lying, you’re wrong!

Betrayed by Bazaliel, Mike is disintegrating into a darkness of his own as the Shadow Demon slowly, but surely, consumes his mind and his soul.