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Grump Gone Bad – Cassie Mint

Book Grump Gone Bad – Cassie Mint is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Grump Gone Bad – Cassie Mint
Writer(s): Cassie Mint
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Grump Gone Bad – Cassie Mint

I’ve worked for my boss for years without a single spark between us.

Now his twin brother has set me ablaze.

I know as soon as I step into the penthouse office: this man is not my boss. No way. He has the same suit, same hair, same piercing blue eyes, but… nope. I’m not buying it.

Because my boss has never set my pulse racing. Not once. But this guy…

One single look and I’m struggling for breath.

He says they’ve swapped places for a few days. He’s filling in for his twin, and I’m to work as normal. Keep up the ruse.

Cool cool cool. Except I’m a terrible liar.

And he’s staring like he wants to eat me alive.

Grump Gone Bad is a short and steamy instalove story with a swapped boss and an assistant who WILL be professional, damn it. If only he’d quit staring like that…