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His – Daniel May

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Novel: His – Daniel May
Writer(s): Daniel May
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About His – Daniel May

Lucas Russo was never a child. He was raised like a soldier, trained like a dog to hunt his master’s enemies.

Shane Case was barely a man. Unraveled by grief, he kidnapped two children to follow in his footsteps, to shape in his image and continue his mission of vengeance.

Lucas never forgave Shane, because forgiveness is something reserved for the living. So is hate. With Shane gone, all Lucas has left are hot, guilty memories he denies to himself as he continues the hunt alongside his brother. Many things in Lucas died with Shane — desire was not one of them.

But Shane is not dead.

Now Lucas hunts his old warden, seeking Shane’s ghost in both dreams and waking world, haunted by memories of his fists, his mouth, his cruelty. And more than haunted, Lucas is hungry — hungry for answers. For a reckoning. Hungry for the love of the man who stole his childhood.