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Iced Out – Veronica Eden

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Novel: Iced Out – Veronica Eden
Writer(s): Veronica Eden
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Iced Out – Veronica Eden

Dancing on bartops means the night is going great. Exiting the bar hauled over the shoulder of Heston University’s infamous hockey captain? Not my idea of a good time.
But my would-be knight would have to do. I needed an escape route from my brother…his biggest rival.
Easton Blake is the perfect reminder of why I avoid hockey players.
Frustratingly s*xy.
Accustomed to every girl in his orbit falling for his charm.
With his sultry smile that tells me he knows all the ways to make girls come undone with his touch, I’m almost the next score on his stats. Except I have no time for distractions when I’m focused on graduating early. Gaining Easton’s attention wasn’t part of my plans. Of course, from the moment he catches me shaking my assets on the bar, he decides I’m his next goal.
Instead of sticking to my own rules, I do something I shouldn’t: I dare him to try.
Easton’s never met a challenge he wouldn’t accept. He makes it clear he won’t be iced out without convincing me to give him a chance.
I swore off hockey players for a reason. Can I risk making the same mistake again?