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Isolation – Beth Abbott

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Novel: Isolation – Beth Abbott
Writer(s): Beth Abbott
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Isolation – Beth Abbott

Isolation – Book Four in the Masters Series (Series 4)

At the ripe old age of thirty two, he’d had more than a dozen years of distinguished military service, standing literally shoulder to shoulder with his identical twin, Jake, so it was no surprise that the first chance he got, Damien took off for what he considered was a well earned break, and some of that rarest of commodities – alone time.

After six months visiting dozens of former team-mates and travelling the world, Damien is finally ready to admit that he’s missed Jake like he’d have missed an arm or a leg, and though he’d probably not admit it to the rest of his family, he can’t wait to get to Philadelphia to give the mopey old sod the biggest damn hug!