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Once Upon A One-Night Stand – Zoey Locke (PDF & EPUB) Download Free

Once Upon A One-Night Stand – Zoey Locke

Book Once Upon A One-Night Stand – Zoey Locke is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Once Upon A One-Night Stand – Zoey Locke
Writer(s): Zoey Locke
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Once Upon A One-Night Stand – Zoey Locke

When her commitment-phobic one-night stand goes from being the man she never wants to see again to your hot new billionaire boss… And roommate?
Xena St. James always plays it safe.
Not only is Lynx Grove tall, dark, and handsome, but he’s the youngest ever owner of a professional sports team, a member of the most esteemed tech billionaire families in the world, Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor, and according to Xena’s favorite cousin, he’s a good guy. So on paper, a one-night stand with Lynx Grove is a safe bet. Right?
Very quickly Prince Charming turns into a hot frog, dropping one commitment-phobic bomb after another, which should send her running for the hills. But Lynx is shaping up to be an expert lover, and that’s how her safe decision becomes a reckless one-night stand.
When it’s over, Xena vows to forget Lynx ever existed. But oddly, he keeps appearing at her lowest moments, offering to save her from the unfortunate outcomes of her safe decisions. He even wants to hire her. Lynx Grove? Her new boss.
Billionaire Lynx Grove isn’t looking for love. But there’s something about Xena that dissolves his defenses. Maybe that’s why he offered her a job and, after seeing her apartment, insisted she becomes his roommate.
Lynx knows he’s being careless, and Xena’s wise to be cautious. He doesn’t do vanilla relationships and oddly, doesn’t like to kiss, or spoon. But could his beautiful and exciting new employee chip away at his wall one encounter at a time?
Once Upon A One-Night Stand is a fun, emotional, and unpredictable standalone romantic comedy romance that ends happily ever after.