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Ortega Mafia – Stella Andrews

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Novel: Ortega Mafia – Stella Andrews
Writer(s): Stella Andrews
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Ortega Mafia – Stella Andrews

We signed a contract inked in blood and sealed with revenge.
Both playing by our own rules, determined to win at all costs.
The deeper the jungle the harder it is to find your way out and when you are running for your life nothing else matters.
I’m the fool that stopped running and faced my predator head on.
He murdered my parents and I have spent my entire life preparing to return the favor
My chance came over a tense game of poker when I stared into the eyes of the devil and gifted him my soul.
He offered me two million dollars to rid the world of his own demon.
I would have done it for free.
I hired an assassin for two million dollars to guarantee my family’s future.
Succeed or die, those were the terms we agreed to.
Work with me to bring a tyrant down and leave me head of The Ortega Mafia. My rightful place, by blood.
Then I met her across the table at a poker game one night.
Dark and sexy with the brutal eyes of a demon and a body for sin.
My match in every way possible, two halves of the same coin.