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Ruined Beauty – Cara Bianchi

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Novel: Ruined Beauty – Cara Bianchi
Writer(s): Cara Bianchi
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Ruined Beauty – Cara Bianchi

The king needs a queen. And if he has to kidnap me to get his ring on my finger, so be it.
Vladimir Kislev rode in like a fairytale hero, saving me from disaster. I thought I’d met a dashing knight.
I was wrong.
He’s a gorgeous billionaire, eighteen years older than me, and the heir to a Bratva throne. A brutal, obsessive monster in a Tom Ford suit.
To secure his destiny, he needs a wife. And what Vlad wants, Vlad gets. Once he decided I belonged to him, I had no choice.
But we didn’t see the danger. Dark secrets come to light, threatening to destroy us both.
Vlad can possess my body, but he will never have my heart, no matter how much his touch makes it race. But I have to wonder:
Is he really the villain of my story? Or can we write our own ending?
Ruined Beauty is book one of the Angels & Brutes series. It includes strong sexual content from the start and throughout. Some scenes and depictions may be disturbing to some readers. Please check the trigger warnings at the start of the book.