Sins of the Son – Zoe Blake

Sins of the Son – Zoe Blake

Book Sins of the Son – Zoe Blake is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Sins of the Son – Zoe Blake
Writer(s): Zoe Blake
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Sins of the Son – Zoe Blake

She’s hated me for years… now it’s past time to give her a reason to.
When you are a son, and one of the heirs, to the legacy of the Cavalieri name, you need to be more vicious than your enemies.
And sometimes, the lines get blurred.
Years ago, they tried to use her as a pawn in a revenge scheme against me.
Even though I cared about her, I let them treat her as if she were nothing.
I was too arrogant and self-involved to protect her then.
But I’m here now. Ready to risk my life tracking down every single one of them.
They’ll pay for what they’ve done as surely as I’ll pay for my sins against her.
Too bad it won’t be enough for her to let go of her hatred of me,
To get her to stop fighting me.
Because whether she likes it or not, I have the power, wealth, and connections to keep her by my side
And every intention of ruthlessly using all three to make her mine.
If you love the dark and twisted romantic suspense of Natasha Knight, A. Zavarelli, Charmaine Pauls, and Anna Zaires you will love this series!