Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe

Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe

Book Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe
Writer(s): Joel Poe
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Skyborne Hearts by Joel Poe

Legends speak of an ancient city among the clouds that achieved unrivalled technological advancement millennia before our time…
A city that became a benevolent Empire, spreading its knowledge across the world. But all that remains are myths and legends. A bedtime story. For after the great cataclysm that almost destroyed the entire human race in ages past, the world was sent back into darkness and no evidence has ever been found of the lost city’s actual existence.

But Elara, a young and talented mechanic tired of her ordinary life in the workshop, has always dreamed of Luminaera. For whatever reason, she’s always been drawn to these stories.

After receiving a cryptic message from the past, she will join the enigmatic Captain Orion aboard his airship “The Ascension” on a journey to uncover the secrets of the lost city among the clouds.

As their attraction to one another grows, they must overcome obstacles, solve mysteries and face unparalleled betrayal. And they must face a powerful organisation with ancient dark secrets that will stop at nothing to silence them.

When their partnership develops into a romantic relationship, their bond will be threatened as Orion’s own past demons emerge to test the strength of their love.
Even then they will be faced with a fateful choice. One which the future of humanity might depend on. But will they make the right call?
Come along in this thrilling steampunk adventure of romance, mystery and intrigue. This is only the beginning of their journey.