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Synced – Rachel Rener

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Novel: Synced – Rachel Rener
Writer(s): Rachel Rener
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Synced – Rachel Rener

War is coming – and this time, I swear it’s not my fault.
Sol and his reanimated Unseelie army are hell-bent on destroying the Seelies once and for all. Worse, he’s stolen the most priceless relic in this land – Zayn’s grimoire – along with my magic-unleashing gilded blood.
Oh yeah, and Sol’s claim is slowly killing me (though I’m so pent-up, I might actually die of horniness first).
But not all hope is lost. I somehow led the elves through the mountain, arriving at the Summer Palace in one battered, weary piece. Bonus points: I’ve expanded our ad hoc army by two hundred more soldiers – never mind the fact they’re completely untrained, three-foot-tall tommyknockers.
And, for better or worse, while Zayn was busy prepping the castle for battle, my loud-mouthed Jewish mother gained the “support” of our equally-shrill family members. Unfortunately, banshees have the power to predict the future, and our outlook isn’t looking so good.
The only way we’ll survive the impending war is by finding some mysterious “ally” in the most inhospitable, remote corner of the Fae Realm: a ghost from Zayn’s past who will either help lead the Seelies to salvation…or doom us all.