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The Coin – Anna M. Elias

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Novel: The Coin – Anna M. Elias
Writer(s): Anna M. Elias
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About The Coin – Anna M. Elias

Former Detective Tal Davis is no stranger to heartbreak and loss. She, Link, and Avani were all saved from broken lives by becoming Vessels—human hosts for spirits who return to right wrongs from their past and earn a chance at Elysium. Each Vessel was inked with the portal tattoo, and each still carries the ancient coin that protects them from danger.

But the coin is also a doorway to the other side, and one dark, vengeful spirit is determined to get through.

In this sequel to “The Vessels,” Tal and the others face their greatest dangers yet to protect the program, survive their spirit journeys, and save humankind from growing evils that lurk in the beyond. But will they all survive?