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The Rebound – L. Steele

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Novel: The Rebound – L. Steele
Writer(s): L. Steele
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About The Rebound – L. Steele

He was supposed to be my forever love
Until he becomes my personal hell…

Declan Beauchamp: he’s the super-hot, super-bad boy actor.
I’m the new voice, who has an overnight break-out single.
Together we are unbeatable.
A match-made-in-tabloid heaven.
Until he betrays me…

I manage to put him behind and move on.
I even have a new boyfriend.
Except my career is in freefall…
Only consolation?
Declan isn’t faring better either.

With my future and his at stake.
Declan comes up with a plan.
One movie together,
And a fake relationship to catapult our futures back on track.

But when our chemistry detonates,
I know I can’t survive this encounter.
I tell him the deal is off,
Except it’s too late…