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Wicked Heir – Gwen Alyson

Book Wicked Heir – Gwen Alyson is available to download free in pdf epub format.

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Novel: Wicked Heir – Gwen Alyson
Writer(s): Gwen Alyson
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Wicked Heir – Gwen Alyson

Saoirse, Princess of the Irish Fae, has a choice to make: go through with the arranged marriage to the handsome Crown Prince of the Northern Fae or spend her immortal life in the Matron House. The choice is simple enough—until she learns the prince is related to the one fae she never wanted to see again and is threatening to ruin any guaranteed happiness in her potential marriage. Saoirse is ready to risk it all and escape into the night when the prince offers her something even better. Freedom.

Emrys, Crown Prince of the Northern Fae, may have bargained away his opportunity for happiness, but he’s determined to prove that staying with him could grant Saoirse as much freedom as leaving. He offers patience, loyalty, and friends and family who care deeply for her. Attraction and chemistry spark between them, and Emrys is given a chance to show Saoirse just exactly how willing he is to make her happy.

However, a gods-gifted secret everyone but Saoirse is aware of might just disrupt the new life she’s made with Emrys. Especially when that secret falls into the hands of the wrong person.