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Alessio by C.M. Steele

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Novel: Alessio by C.M. Steele
Writer(s): C.M. Steele
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Alessio by C.M. Steele

Juniper wasn’t the right fit for the job, but it didn’t matter to me. She was the perfect fit for me. As the underboss of the Conti Family, I hadn’t planned on finding anyone. Still, a simple, inane task led me to the woman I wanted more than I’d ever anticipated.

There were just a couple of problems. I wasn’t a good guy, and worst of all, June didn’t see me as the guy for her. She had eyes for someone else.

From the first encounter with Alessio, I felt the heat between us. Unfortunately, I was just the help. He was hot and cold; I couldn’t figure the man out, but once I did, the gloves were off. Then he got the wrong idea, and I couldn’t correct him.