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Novel: Clear by L.T. Ryan
Writer(s): Gregory Scott, L.T. Ryan
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Clear by L.T. Ryan

In the sterile halls of a church-run rehab, a man awakens to a mystery that strikes terror into the heart of the institution – an unexplained death. The discovery sends shockwaves rippling through the core of the of the church.

Blake and Haeli are drawn into a perilous mission to unmask the secrets of this seemingly benign organization. An unplanned visit to estranged parents reveals a daunting picture of the church’s far-reaching influence, leading them on a path of danger, discoveries, and unexpected alliances.

As the church battles to hide its sinister secrets, Blake and Haeli risk everything to infiltrate the organization, not knowing the unsettling revelations that await them within its fortress walls.

Their journey unveils a disturbing connection between the church and a series of drug-related deaths, weaving a tangled web of power, deception, and faith. As tensions rise and allies become foes, the duo soon realizes that their quest for clarity will cost more than they ever imagined.