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Devil’s Return by Ember Davis

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Novel: Devil’s Return by Ember Davis
Writer(s): Ember Davis
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Devil’s Return by Ember Davis

One moment can change the path of your life. It’s a lesson I learned 12 years ago when I lost the woman that I thought I would spend the rest of my life with. We had plans and it felt like the road stretched out in front of us was paved with possibility.

I left New Orleans to find myself, to drown my pain, and figure out how to function after my dreams crashed and burned. When my head was on straight, I returned—the prodigal son ready to earn my patch and be part of the brotherhood I grew up in, the one my father still presides over. Now I’m Vice President and life is good.

Sometimes life gives you more than you can handle, and you feel the walls closing in on you. I wasn’t prepared to lose my sister. It wasn’t just her, either. It felt like I lost my parents when she died as they wallowed in their grief. Then there was him. He was there one day and then gone the next.

Life was hard, but I found a way to survive. I picked up the pieces, forged ahead, and now I’m in a good place, one I’m proud of, but I have a problem. I’ve caught the eye of a dangerous man and I want nothing to do with him. The only people I know who might be able to help are the Devil’s Saints MC. I’m seeking sanctuary and the last person I expect to see is him.