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Empress Megan by Meg Stratton

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Novel: Empress Megan by Meg Stratton
Writer(s): Meg Stratton
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Empress Megan by Meg Stratton

Megan: Every day, I would wake up, go to work, and fight like hell to protect my city. It’s difficult being a cop, but it fills that void inside of me that stems from my traumatic past. The need to see those that do wrong in the world get their comeuppance. Then one cloudy, drizzly day, everything changes. My job was about to get a whole lot harder when my city is attacked by aliens, and my life is changed forever.

There may be a light in the attack’s darkness. A woman with the most striking green eyes that can see everything. They call her the Oracle. She was the reason the aliens had attacked Earth. I always knew that the Oracle held my destiny, and with the Oracle’s involvement, fate was thrusting me into a completely foreign world, overwhelming me, but I realize that I never felt more alive.

Iris: There’s been a war between my people and our enemies for years. They killed our people, nearly making our alien species extinct. Our future looks bleak since we have no more female mates to reproduce with. Then our enemy decides to invade the strangest planet I have ever seen. Earth, they call it. During a meeting with these humans to help fight the enemy together, I meet her. My mate.

Megan is the first human female I have ever laid eyes on. My shock at meeting her is beyond comprehension to me, an alien who never expected to meet his mate on a backward, nearly extinct planet like Earth.
Is this the fate that the universe has planned for the Orion?