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Entwined Magic by A.R. Lewis

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Novel: Entwined Magic by A.R. Lewis
Writer(s): A.R. Lewis
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Entwined Magic by A.R. Lewis

An old evil stalks the land, leaving death and worse things in its wake.
An older-yet prophecy, long forgotten, reappears in the webs of the great House of Weavers.

A reclusive witch…

Wary of her own power, she hides herself and her magic away on a remote homestead deep in The Wood. A decade ago, Ellie fell in love with the man who promised to teach her to wield her magic; when her happily-ever-after ended in bloodshed and death, she promised herself she’d never again be so foolish.

A cranky werewolf…

Wary of humans and witches alike, he still bears the scars from the silver blades his first love’s father and brothers used when they left him for dead a decade prior. Alexander trusts no one but the pack that took him in and helped him heal; he promised himself he’d never again do anything so dangerous as fall in love.