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Finding Home by Valentina Burns

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Novel: Finding Home by Valentina Burns
Writer(s): Valentina Burns
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Finding Home by Valentina Burns

Grumpy bar owner, Gabe Walsh doesn’t have the time or patience for the spoiled rich girl slumming it above his bar. He’s busy raising his six-year-old daughter and running his business. The wealthy construction magnate’s daughter can go “find herself” somewhere else.

But Hope keeps surprising him, and the more time they spend together, the more Gabe finds himself drawn to her determination and sweetness. She’s motivated to make it on her own, and he respects that. Not only that but she’s come to his rescue more than once, and when she steps in to be his daughter’s nanny, she quickly starts becoming a lifeline too. Maybe she’s exactly what his little family needs. The glue to piece them back together.

Can two opposites overcome their differences to build an unbreakable family? Or will their fears, and haunted pasts destroy their chance to find a home together?

Find out in Hope and Gabe’s search for truth and forgiveness in this steamy, heartfelt story of redemption and love.