Follow the Sun by Liz Locke

Follow the Sun by Liz Locke

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Novel: Follow the Sun by Liz Locke
Writer(s): Liz Locke
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Follow the Sun by Liz Locke

For socialite Caroline Kimball, travel has become an escape—a way to run from her adult responsibilities while hiding her musical ambitions from her disapproving mother. When she meets handsome magazine photographer Jack “Tex” Fairchild beside a hotel pool in Acapulco, everything changes. His encouragement shows her she could have a life beyond that of a beautiful, bored heiress, and he convinces her that maybe her childish daydreams aren’t so impossible after all.

Realizing she no longer fits inside her golden cage, Caroline leaves it all behind and runs away with Tex to a small Spanish island, where she finally confronts the tragic death of her father. But when her mother’s hidden secrets catch up to her, and a ghost from her past makes a surprising reappearance, Caroline will find herself torn between her whirlwind relationship with Tex, pursuing her music career, or saving her family from financial destitution.

Across the stunning beaches of Acapulco and down the powdered ski slopes of Gstaad, Follow the Sun will take readers from the turquoise waters of Formentera to the Sunset Strip, telling a captivating story about following your dreams to discover the person you were always meant to become.