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Hidden World by Valerie Dana

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Novel: Hidden World by Valerie Dana
Writer(s): Valerie J Dana
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

About Hidden World by Valerie Dana

Immortals are real. No longer the stuff of fireside lore and fairy tales. They exist, and they are everywhere, hiding in plain sight across Praegna under the watchful eye of Parliament. On the surface, this group seems to protect society from Immortals, locking away anyone with abilities in the Institute. But the reality of Parliament is worse. Much worse.

These truths and others reveal themselves to Danyka Rayne, a seemingly normal female human in her twenties. Normal, that is, until she learns the most life-shattering truth of them all. Not only are Immortals running rampant in her home city of Nephora, Hythe, but she is one of them. And one of the last of her kind at that.

This fact has brought her to the attention of a band of unsavory individuals led by Danyka’s aunt and the male who brought the genocide of his own race. If that’s not enough, she loses her best friend at the exact moment when she needs him most. Now Danyka must learn to access her newfound abilities and to navigate this new existence with no one to rely on but a rag-tag group of Immortals.

Ready or not, they have to face Parliament, and Danyka is forced into a position that tests her morals and her will. If she can stop history from repeating itself, she might be able to save herself and her new friends. But if she can’t, all of Praegna, mortal and immortal alike, will fall.