Keep Me by Summer O’Toole

Keep Me by Summer O’Toole

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Novel: Keep Me by Summer O’Toole
Writer(s): Summer O’Toole
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Keep Me by Summer O’Toole

I’m fascinated by the stories dead bodies tell. And murdered bodies tell the most interesting ones.

A dark, enemies-to-lovers, bodyguard romance, perfect for fans of Sophie Lark’s Broken Vow and Brynne Weaver’s Black Sheep.

When bodies start turning up with connections to her father’s cartel, Regenia Cortez is pulled back into the dangerous world she left behind years ago.

She doesn’t know who she can trust, least of all Roan Fox—the man hired by her father to keep her safe.

Forced into each other’s lives, Reggie and Roan find themselves tangled in a sinister plot that runs much deeper than they ever thought.

Tensions rise, and the lines they swore not to cross start to blur.

Their own demons threaten to tear them apart, but one thing is for certain—he will stop at nothing to keep her safe.