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Kissing the Hitman by Ella Goode

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Novel: Kissing the Hitman by Ella Goode
Writer(s): Ella Goode
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Kissing the Hitman by Ella Goode

I’m Finn. No last name. My job requires secrecy and information is handed out on a need to know basis. You don’t need to know it. Here’s the situation, though, there’s a blonde. I think she’s made me. I’ve seen her at the airport in Puerto Rico, Japan, and Helsinki. The last one is extra suspicious since it was November and cold as hell in Helsinki. Now she’s on the same flight as me to Paris. I know I need to take care of her but something inside of me is staying my hand. Instead of taking her out, I’m taking her in—to my hotel room, to my bed, to my heart. I’m in danger but if this is the way I go, then so be it.

I’m Georgia, a travel blogger. For some reason people enjoy my photos and films and summaries of my little jaunts all over the world. I didn’t plan on being influential and I’m still surprised that anyone is interested in comping a trip for me but I’m not about to say no to a Paris vacation. The hotel I’m staying at is really posh, but they made a mistake in the reservations. There’s only one room and two travelers. I know I shouldn’t agree to rooming with a strange man, but I find myself drawn to Finn despite his secretiveness and his odd paranoia. He acts like there’s danger around every corner and is very protective. I like that about him, maybe too much. Vacations are temporary so I can’t give my heart to someone like him.