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Light My Fire by E.M. Lindsey

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Novel: Light My Fire by E.M. Lindsey
Writer(s): E.M. Lindsey
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Light My Fire by E.M. Lindsey

Ethan Fitzgerald is a good guy. No really, he is. He’s the fire chief, he donates to charity, he knits on the weekends, and he rescues cats from trees. So there’s absolutely no reason he should turn into the world’s biggest jerk when Antoine Tremblay rolls into town.

Except, for some reason, it’s hate at first sight for both of them, and he can’t seem to help himself.

What makes matters worse is that Antoine seems to have a curse on him, leading him from one disaster to another. And that with every near-death experience, Fitz seems to be the one coming to the rescue without ever being thanked.

But below all that rage he feels, Fitz realizes there’s something else between them.



And desperation.

He can either cross that line or pretend it doesn’t exist, but the one thing he can’t ignore is the way that smart-mouthed, West Coast stranger really lights his fire.

Running In Circles is the former series On The Market, and this novel was previously titled Love Him Breathless. It has been completely revamped and re-written with names, places, characters, and major plot points changed.

It contains enemies to lovers, a wild peacock that isn’t so wild, there might be a curse, humid nights, soft kisses, tender realizations, and a happily ever after.