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Novel: Minx by Sophie Lark
Writer(s): Sophie Lark
Format: pdf epub
Categories: Fiction Books

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About Minx by Sophie Lark

I often write about super-achievers because I’m fascinated by extreme personality types. What drives someone to become a billionaire? The back-and-forth between Blake and Ramses is my favorite. It’s like a fencing match where they can’t stop taking slashes at each other just to see how well the other person parries the strike. They’re on fire because they finally found someone worth fighting but they don’t understand partnership, they only know how to win. – Sophie

Ramses Howell is a self-made man. He’s proven he can get what he wants, and from the moment Blake Abbot catches his eye, she becomes his top priority.

Blake wonders what took Ramses so long — she knew who he was years before.

They strike a deal to play a very specific game.

Ramses created the game for Blake.

Blake adds rules that Ramses has no intention of following.

As fantasy invades reality, the arrangement consumes them both.

Blake and Ramses cross lines they swore they never would, and each begins to question what they thought they always wanted.